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Macro shots (and one zoom shot of the fire pit) from Westminster College during the parent day Apiary demonstration by Peter Krantz. More info her at this news source on the apiary at the college: https://www.wcn247.com/holcad_and_campus/our_campus/video-more-bee-colony-project-launches-westminsters-hive-mind-experience/article_42656228-a85b-11eb-afdc-abfa8f50e7e6.html. * Shots taken with a Nikon D5100 camera. A Nikon 18-55 DX VR lens coupled with a Vivitar +10 filter was used for the macro work (the cheaper Vivitar close-ups are great as they give a slight blurred outer vignette). Zoom lens used was a Nikon 55-200 DX VR. * All shots are copyright Lawrence A Capozzolo and may not be used without permission.