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Third day of our trip. Subject is Cathederal State Park. This was my favorite place of the trip photography-wise as it allowed me to do the work I enjoy the most - macro and close-up. To me this is where you get the most original photography (not just the same old images everyone else takes - same scenics, views, and topics), the area allowed you to artistically capture natures "art in development". The cameras used were Fujifilm S3 Pro (DX) and Nikon D800 (FX using a DX cropped lens). Lenses used were Sigma 18-55 DX HSM on the Fuji and a Nikon 55-200 DX VR on the D800). Vivitar +10 filters were used off and on both lenses. The Nikon 55-200 lens takes a 52mm filter, so that combined with a +10 cheaper Vivtar +10 at 200mm gave a similar look to a strongly softened Lensbaby Velvet. The 3000 series photos were taken with the Fuji S3 Pro and the 9000 series taken with the Nikon D800. This is also a much larger library.