About Lawrence

Other than talking about myself in the third party, let me introduce myself.
  I am a 50+ y.o. creative photographer (everyone is a “creative” today, so yes, I’m playing on that). I started in photography at a younger age, approximately 13 influenced by my father who was a wedding photographer at the time.
  Although I enjoyed his work with weddings, I was more included towards naturally photographing the world. Nature, candid, and industrial photography caught more of my eye than setting up poses at weddings. We all enjoy creating or capturing art and life in different ways.
  My mediums are well rounded. Film is great (I am one of the folks that does as much as possible to keep it around as long as possible), but I am not a film purist. Digital is also a great format, and I shoot with Nikon and Fujifilm imagers (sorry Cannon … you are still the rivalry). Instant is also a great and unique medium – even Instax.
  You will see many mentions of images created with anything from vintage film cameras, to new digital and vintage digital within my albums. I am also a technologist, so you will see event, printing, and digital services as part of my skill sets offered.
-Lawrence A Capozzolo

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