Processing, Printing, Repairs and Maintenance

Places we use to process, print, or get equipment maintained or repaired.
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  • Alexander Patho Photography – we love all of the companies we use in Pittsburgh, but as far as color processing goes, Alexander Patho is hands-down the best.
  • Bernies Photo – legandary Pittsburgh camera and photo store. Sales, maintenance, and printing.
  • Camera Repair Service – a Pittsburgh staple for camera sales and services.
  • Premier Imaging – two locations in Pittsburgh and our go to place for film processing and camera maintenance and repairs.


Links to other site pages we like, use, and reference …..
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Photo Blogs

Other people’s perspectives on photography …..
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The Software We Use

What we use to do our thing …
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  • DigiKam – Used to catalog and process most if not all of out photos and scans. We do match what version of DigiKam we use across all of out platforms. It is available for OsX, Windows, Linux, etc.
  • ShowFoto – DigiKam processing without database and cataloging. NOTE: This normally gets installed with DigiKam, so separate download is unnecessary unless you want to sun it standalone.
  • DarkTable – Adobe LightRoom as OpenSource. Surprisingly this also has many useful features that LightRoom does not have.
  • VueScan – Scanning software tha works with probably 90% of the scanners produced – even older ones without updated drivers. VueScan reverse engineers the scanners in the software itself. Many scanning option available with this that are not available on some of the original software provided with scanners.
  • SilkyPix – Normally we only use the OEM versions that are used to process our RAW files into TIF images we then use for processing.
  • NX Studio – Nikon RAW file processing software.
  • Epson Scan – specific Epson scanner software provided with Epson Scanners. No link.
  • OpenShot – Video editor we use when creating shot videos of still photo compilations.
  • GIMP – Photoshop alternative. Very capable app for photo processing. Also used heavily in the Animation Field.
  • Krita – Photoshop alternative, and heavily in use by Anime creators. Slightly different tools than GIMP, and leans a little more towards standards in the industry.

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