Knowing When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

Yep …. know when to keep your mouth shut (and yes, I know the camera needs cleaned)

Sooooooooo ……

Fifteen minutes after writing an article about the style of lomography and how imperfections make it what it is, the developer pocket from an Instax shot broke open while rolling out of the camera (the shot above is what it looked like after it was cleaned). So, if you ever want to know why those packets of film are sealed (it’s not just for the light), and why it’s a bad idea to leave half a pack of shots in an instant camera for months before shooting it again …. remember the above.

I got lucky – it was only 2 total shots that leaked and I was able to clean the transport enough without taking the camera apart to do so.

But, it did affect the next five or so shots out of the camera from a new pack of film (even after cleaning a good as possible before starting a new pack).

But (again) … that did result in a few messed up cool shots in that 10 pack (see posting for 020124A War Memorial Park).

What can you do but accept the artwork that comes out of your camera ….

-Photo Guy


Instax – the fuji instant camera system.

Polaroid – the original instant platform making a comeback.

-Photo Guy