A catalog of our collection of lenses we use. This includes many vintage and modern auto-focus lenses, along with some classic manual focus lenses. You will also see many accessory lenses like an ultra-wider that is an attachment for a 50mm lens to use as an effect lens. Filters, hoods, etc will also be listed here. Catalog will expense into sub-pages as the collection grows. To many, this is known as the first addiction photographers get into. Click on the pic to see our lens collection.

Flashes And Speedlights

Yes … a catalog of “all of those other things” you desperately¬† need to get that perfect shot. Multiple flashes for perfect lighting. Industrial tripods to make sure the camera is secure on the ground. Battery chargers, etc. Not all of our collection of accessories is at the pro or industrial level, but we have at least decent equipment for what we do. Click on the pic to see out accessories collection.

Scanning and Capture

Since I do still do shoot film and support others that shoot film I do keep a collection of film and photo scanners. The units I have a mid to higher pro-sumer quality and are capable of some fairly high mpix scans – depending on fim and photo size. I also to some photo restoration. Click on pick to check out the scanners we use for our film and photos.

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