Pro and Semi-Pro film cameras like their digital successors are the workhorses of the industry. These are the cameras built for the industry – great view finders, a selection of perfected glass for lenses, features and settings to enable the photographer to snag that perfect second in history for their client or for the artwork. Made to last generations. Click here for a guide for film formats.

Sorted by Release Year.

Olympus OM10

The Olympus OM10 was acquired via my father at a time when he became ill and we had to clean out his house. It is a featureful manual focus camera really meant to take semi-pro level photography to the mainstream person. Olympus created some great glass to shoot through and the basic operation of the camera really allowed more people to get into the art form.

  • One of the most successful from Olympus
  • Manual focus – aperture priority
  • Runs on LR44 or AR44 batteries – still common today
  • Shutter range from 2 to 1/1000 sec
  • ISO range from 25 to 1600
  • Microprism/split image focusing screen
  • Uses Zuiko OM lenses
  • Release Year: 1979
  • Added to collection: 2017
  • Click here for more info – filmadvanceimaging pixelmanual pdf

Nikon N2020 AF

The Nikon N2020 AF is basically an update to the N2000 camera that makes it auto-focus capable.

  • First full integrated auto-focus cameras from Nikon
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Can use Series E lenses
  • Dual auto-focus modes
  • Exposure metering
  • Program mode exposure control
  • Standard 35mm films of all speeds
  • Release Year: 1986
  • Added to collection: 2021
  • Click here for more info – aperture previewthe phobloghraphermanual pdf

Nikon F4

In the Nikon worlds, the F4 is the workhorses or workhorses. It is a tank, and performs like one. When anything else fails, gives in the the environment, gets beat down … the F4 still holds without issue. Slap in roll of film ,fresh batteries, and you preferred lens and let ‘er rip. There’s no stopping getting the shots your or your clients want.

  • One of the most used workhorses from Nikon
  • Accurate and fast auto-focus
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • PASM exposure models -still standard today
  • Electro-magnetic shutter with shutter balancer
  • Large and extremely bright view finder
  • Uses a huge variety of Nikon and off-brand lens
  • Standard 35mm films of all speeds
  • Release Year: 1988
  • Added to collection: 2014
  • Click here for more info – ken rockwellphoto thinkingF4 specsmanual pdf

Nikon N80

The Nikon N80 units I acquired were mainly due to shooting the Kodak and Fuji digital cameras that were created based on this film camera body. The unit was decently built and fairly reliable, but the newer N series were a little removed from the early workhorse, made of metal, daily beaters semi-pro amateurs and pro photographer liked to have in their arsenal.

  • Full Auto Focus
  • Typical PASM exposure models standard today
  • AA battery powered – again we always recommend rechargeables
  • Built in speedlight
  • 2.5 fps continuous shooting
  • Uses CR123 or DL123 batteries
  • Built in dioptor adjustment for viewfinder
  • Matrix metering
  • Uses AF-S lens and more
  • Release Year: 2000
  • Added to collection: 2014
  • Click here for more info – nikon archivesken rockwellshoot with filmmanual pdf

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