A Treasure By Chance …

It was the gleam in my eye when I looked to the right …

… yep, click-bait – made you look.

Except, it happened in Wal Mart.

Walking down those aisles in electronics looking for all the things Target stopped selling, a small grey box caught my eye.

No, it wasn’t the digital download box set of the current Dune movies (that’s going to have to hit the dollar store before I buy it) … it was one of those miracles that happens because you have employees that don’t ever check the back of a storage cabinet where you keep your electronics that tend to grow legs. It’s where things hide that were meant for me.

OK, I’ll stop.

I got lucky and happened to be shopping in my local Wally World when I spotted a Nikon CoolPix A10 CCD based digicam on the discount shelf. 16mpix at that, brand new, not re-packed.

Considering the prices on Ebay for new in the box range from a beat up used version for $20 to a new in the box version for $200 (well over what I think it originally sold for) due to the CCD camera craze, the $21 I paid for it was a steal.

I have many CCD based sensor both in digicam and slr bodies, so I know the perks and cons of shooting the type of sensor. It is nice to get one of the last made CCD units at 16mpix for the collection.

Will I take it out of the box? … already have. Photos will be posted as it is tested.

This is the benefit of being taught all of my life to be aware of what is around you … you never know when a treasure will show up.

-Photo Guy