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the cold is here – kodak bw400cn

This is a photography inspired blog. You may see anything from advice, professional views and reviews on equipment …. but right now I’m cold, well, because we finally have cold. Not that I’m complaining (actually I am) … I like the low heating bill, but I’m stating to have to chip the icicles off the dog’s nose on the way back in from a walk. Granted, I was complaining too when it way 65+ degrees in mid winter. Let’s face it … nobody is happy with the weather in Pittsburgh (or Midwestern PA in general). We all complain … it’s a Pennsylvanian response well inherited from previous generations.

So, What does this even remotely have to do with photos or a photo blog? Well, it’s a picture of ice taken on one of my last rolls of Kodak 400cn film (which was cold of them to stop making),it’s cold out, I’m complaining about the cold ….. it works. I try to keep it simple. If I get to detailed about things, I’ll have to explain things and that’s just a little too much work.

So, you were expecting a review about film, or a new camera looksee, or the standard dished out stuff … well, maybe here and there (bloggers do have to keep the simple happy) — we’ll just try to keep to complaining about what’s in the pictures and be different 😉

-The Guy That Just Wrote This