Get out your old cameras …

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  Something I’ve been waiting for … the ability to change sensors like you used to be able to change film. This isn’t exactly that, but if this becomes very successful – I don’t see where these innovators wouldn’t take it there.

  “I’m Back” is a 35mm film cartridge system that puts a digital sensor into your old 35mm film camera. Yes …. you can take your trusty Nikon F4 and put a digital sensor in it, without major surgery. The update version of the product has moved up to a Micro 4/3 sensor – which is a format that lately has been gaining a bit of respect not initially given. The system is somewhat drop n go – but does have different “installs” for different types of cameras. See the I’m Back FAQ here. All in all I hope this works well and grows as it will bring back vintage cameras and also give major camera manufacturers the reason to build a camera that specifically works with a product like I’m Back and also uses film.

  The unit is not cheap – it runs around $899US (not including customs fees), but if it becomes popular, I can see that changing or even some production happening in the US. We have a lot of cameras here, and they are not making it to the landfill any time soon.

  Thanks I’m Back, for taking on the thing only other’s have spoken about.

-Photo Guy


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-Photo Guy