Slide or Color Reversal Film Capture – Part 1

it doesn’t look pretty – but it works

 This is one of the setups I use to capture color reversal shots (slide film). It looks very make-shift, but works – and when tweaked with the correct exposure on the camera and a good balanced image on the slide, it does produce the same quality image that you would acquire from a $10k plus scanner. On the other side, when you don’t have that perfect exposure, or the shot isn’t balanced and the shadows don’t capture correctly, or the highlights blow out and vignette – you can acquire some very nice artistic captures.

 The gear above is a vintage Spiratone Dupli-Scope II with a Nikon mount coupled to a Nikon D610 FX Sensor Camera using a 5000k recessed 65w equivalent LED fixture as a light source. The Spiratone has a single lens in the middle with no aperture at all. Magnification is controlled by the middle ring and focus is controlled by loosening a screw and sliding the bottom tube. It’s besic, but it works great for balanced photos. Othe photos I tend to use my Epson 4490, V550, or my Canon FS2710 to capture photos. Right tool, right job.

  Again – right too, right job. I don’t care how much a piece of equipment costs – none of it is one size fits all, especially at the comsumer and prosumer levels. You have to be researched and creative in the photography DIY realm to achive what you want. Especially if you use digital and you have some time, don’t be afraid to try things out – that may be the onr thing that saves you photography budget.


Spiratone Dupli-Scope on Pinterest

Newer version of the Spiratone Macro

Nikon D610 FX Sensor Digital Camera

Wal Mart 5000 65W equiv LED Fixture

-Photo Guy